Extracting Eucalyptus Oil Sustainably

Eucalyptus oil comes from a truly renewable resource – the fast-growing native Blue Gums of central Victoria. We are proud to be continuing a long history of eucalyptus harvesting in the region, and are doing so in a way which is not only sustainable, but ensures the highest quality product.

We have 20 acres of Eucalyptus on the Blue Eucy Farm. But we only harvest one third of our crop every year. This allows the trees enough time to regenerate between harvests and means the quality of their oils remains extremely high.  At Blue Eucy we are committed to only ever using our own trees. And we only ever work with one species of Blue Gum at a time, so every batch of Blue Eucy oils is single origin.  

Leaves are harvested at dawn when the oil content is at its highest. Every harvest is picked by hand so as not to degrade the trees or leaves in the process. And we distil the leaves we pick same daySo, the natural freshness and vitality of the plant’s fragrance is captured in the distillation process. We decided to work with smaller stills, of just 55 litres each, which allows greater control over the quality of each batch. The leaves are distilled with rainwater collected on the Blue Eucy farm.  

Over time we realised there were minor variations in the aromatic profile of any given batch, depending on when in the season it was picked. Early Spring, Late Summer, Mid-Autumn – every batch of our oils is unique. Your bottle will be labelled with the date of distillation and bottle number so you can discover a range of fragrance experiences over time.  

We’re really passionate about making sure nothing is wasted in the production of Blue Eucy oils. Call it nose-to-tail farming for trees! Or root-to-branch as we preferBranches and sticks are broken down into briquettes which can be used to make your fireplace deliciously fragrant. And once the leaves have been distilled, they are turned into high quality compost. We are farming for our future.